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Customer Demographic Data at Your Fingertips

Real-World Insights

Go beyond your customers clicks – track their physical activity and mood.

Insights on Demand

Real-time reports on foot traffic, crowd demographics and people’s moods.

DoorStat is the Best Solution for Accurate Customer Demographics Data

  • Guaranteed Accuracy

    All data collection can be audited and reconciled to meet the desired accuracy levels of the client

  • Scalable Solution

    Technology can be deployed across any number of locations using existing cameras or DoorStat hardware

  • Cost Effective Solution

    Receive a full-service solution as DoorStat handles all aspects of setup and project management.

  • Relevant Surveillance

    View 24 hours of activity in less than 5 minutes by viewing only relevant activity in areas of interest

  • Client Integration

    Connect DoorStat to your POS system or other applications to integrate powerful data into a single dashboard

  • Stronger Correlations

    View correlations between consumer behavior, sales activity, customer experience and demographics

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